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Box , Costa Mesa, CA Please call anytime. There are operators available from 8: Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, and an automated attendant 24 hours every day. He has been serving as senior pastor since its inception in There is a special place in his heart for people in law enforcement. He has been serving as a chaplain within the City of Miami Police Department since The year was The rock concert was held at Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel, a church!

Although upset and angry, Pancho listened intently as he heard for the first time the clear message of Jesus Christ. Convicted and broken by such powerful truths, he walked forward to receive the Lord as his personal Lord and savior. In the divine clarion call to go back to his youth hometown was received and acknowledged.

Receiving the pastoral right hand of fellowship, his venture began as he returned to Montebello to start a home-fellowship.

Mariages interéthniques et changement social dans la région Afar de l'Éthiopie

Psalm For who is God, except the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God? It is God who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on my high places.

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To justify their increasing involvement within religious affairs, the kings associated their own persons and images with these two feminine characters so as to enhance the sacral dimension of their power. In parallel, they organized and imposed the cults of these women by translating a variety of texts, dedicating to them holy days within the synaxarium, and developing an iconography to give visual support to these new devotions. I argue that one of the consequences of this was to enable, or at least to accompany, female political participation.

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  6. In parallel, their descriptions within the royal chronicles are increasingly linked with Helena and Mary. Hence, queens started to be integrated into the representation of the royal power and family. Twice regent for her son and grandson, she ruled the country for almost half a century. In order to do so, she developed around her a strong propaganda, appearing as Mary and as Helena, as a queen in her own right, and as the true sovereign of the kingdom thereby de facto supplanting the ruling king.

    Especially in popular traditional healing practices that appeal to various esoteric powers the gendered difficulties women face in seeking and acquiring health services are obvious. Inappropriate teaching methods and lack of administrative mechanisms have failed to guard the EOTC against the subtle influences of business making and cultural practices of healing. Furthermore, the various categories of church personnel are often not clearly distinguishable for laymen and women, a fact that produces confusion about appropriate and inappropriate ritual experts.

    Even priests were not in agreement on the issue when asked individually. In the current context where the public health system provides a range of reproductive options for free, this discursive move allows women reproductive choices that are not over-determined by religion. This includes transition between different periods of ancient history, the transformation of the natural environment and types of human settlements. The site of Wakarida, chosen as the first study area, is situated near the eastern edge of the Tigray plateau, dominating the Afar depression.

    Two areas, excavated between and , revealed typically Aksumite structures whose ground plans and construction techniques are similar to those of the large complexes of Matara or Aksum, although their dimensions are smaller. Though situated far from the capital and main commercial routes, the site of Wakarida was not isolated. Several sites, mostly smaller, have been discovered during the regional survey, mostly dating to the same period, and it seems that Wakarida was a centre of local power.

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    7. Some archaeological remains could date to earlier periods and they are now under study. After a preliminary evaluation in , a first excavation campaign in excavated about forty burials. These data make it possible to analyze the funeral space over a long period, to observe numerous cases of reuse of graves and changes in the practices. This first campaign also yielded new data on the typology of the graves, the funeral practices and the medieval populations of Ethiopia. The lands received according to gult were generally of large size and theoretically inalienable.

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      The cultivation and taxation imposed on the land-plots depended on the history of each particular institution. To donate or to confirm a gult landholding and to clarify the rights pertaining to land-plots are two legal actions that overlap and complement each other. As part of a broader research project aimed at addressing this gap, this article explores the life and achievements of Mohamedally Shaikh Sharafaly, the best known of these Indian businessmen, who set up one of the largest commercial and industrial business in Ethiopia.

      The account follows the narrative of an un-published letter the merchant wrote in about his business trajectory. Dans la Vallée de l'Omo , les pompes a essence sont rarissimes, voilà comment faire son plein dans la brousse. Le Territoire Mursi est aride et sec. Les mouches Tsé Tsé y pullulent lors de la saison des pluies, je vous conseil donc de porter de longs vêtements. L' ethnie Mursi est la tribu la plus médiatisée de la Vallée de l'Omo.

      Ceramic traditions: Two recent field missions in Central and Southern Ethiopia

      Des études menées par l' Université d'Oxford les ont promus au rang de " star " et ils le savent. Négocier le prix des photos avant d'en prendre et surtout n'essayer pas d'en voler. Les femmes Mursi arborent des labrets de terre cuite dans la lèvre inférieure et de larges disques aux oreilles. La grandeur du labret determine le rang social de la dame. C'est un rite de passage de l'adolescente vers la femme.

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